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Micro Electronics, Inc. offers the highest quality fiber optic stripping tools for telecommunications. Micro-Strip tools prepare the fiber for termination and remove the coating or buffer insulation without nicking the fiber cladding/core. The Micro-Strip product line includes stripping tools, Scribe tools, and other preparation tools for all kinds of single & multi-fiber cables and associated connectors. Telecom manufacturers use Micro-Strip strippers because of the unique design and precision offered by our patented alignment system.

Laser Fiber

Laser fiber manufactures and customers use the Micro-Strip tool to strip a large variety of laser fiber applications. The Micro-Strip tools can strip from 200um thru 1000um laser fibers cleanly and easily without nicking the fiber. Call our technical dept. for a full listing of laser-fiber mechanical strippers.


The Micro-Strip® & Soft-Strip® tool line is used widely by Universities and research facilities the world over. The superior design and flexibility of our stripping tools is recognized as the preferred tool where quality, reliability & precision is required.

Assembly Plants

Because of its high reliability and precision, the Micro-Strip stripping tools are used widely in cable assembly plants worldwide by leading cable manufactures. Our unique replaceable/interchangeable blade and fiber guide mating design along with stringent quality control standards has made Micro Electronics a leading supplier of optical fiber stripping devices and related termination equipment.