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Soft-Strip Cutter Blade Replacement

Precise • Versatile • Easy -to-Use

To remove installed blades:

1. Using flat end of push tool, remove fiber guide lock by pushing out from the back side of tool head.

2. Remove fiber guide from tool.

3. Using prong end of push tool in small holes on back side of tool head, eject blade set.

IMPORTANT! Do not remove cutter blades while fiber guide is still in tool.

To install new blades:

( Furnished in a matched set for blade precision. Snap apart before installation.)

1. Install with “ears” pointing toward top of tool and recess marks visible. Push firmly with flat end of push tool until both blades are seated.

2. Insert fiber guide through hole in top of tool until it stops.


3. Insert fiber guide lock through slot in front of tool head.

Note: Blades are color coded and matched to diameter and color of fiber guide lock. Replace or install fiber guide and fiber guide lock as needed. Always test strip fiber or cable after installing new blade set. Remove blades periodically and clean with brush provided and alcohol.